Our Story

Astrion is ready, focused, and positioned for the challenges of the future.

Who we are

We are the transformative evolution of two prominent government services firms, ERC and Oasis Systems, each bringing with them a rich legacy of dedicated service to our nation’s Defense and Federal communities.

The company brings together 2,800 employees focused on Cybersecurity, Digital Solutions, Mission Support, and Systems Engineering serving customers in more than 36 states across the U.S. with Centers of Excellence in Washington DC, Huntsville, AL and Burlington, MA.

Our resources, deep expertise, and adaptable solutions will enable us to scale and expand development and engineering capabilities for Defense and Federal communities.

Our Legacy

ERC’s legacy is tied to Dr. Y./C.L. Susan Wu, the first woman to earn a Ph.D. in aeronautical engineering from Caltech and visionary founder of ERC, who was succeeded by her son, Dr. Ernie Wu. ERC roots are in the Defense and Space sectors on critical missions of national importance.

Oasis Systems clients include the Department of Defense, Federal Aviation Administration, Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and other government agencies, with collective expertise built around experienced teams that are leaders in their fields in space, aviation, land, sea, and undersea operations.

Two successful companies traveled in parallel, both focusing on the customer and solving tough problems. Now together blending complementary customers and capabilities.

Our Future

Now Astrion, our new organization allows us to harness our collective strengths, capabilities, and extensive experience. We have a distinct advantage in the marketplace, combining scale for efficiency with a broad array of capabilities, all while maintaining our agility and adaptability. Astrion will build upon the core values and legacies of both organizations while setting our sights on new advancements to deliver results with impact to our customers and the nation.

We proudly embrace the rich histories and traditions of our founding organizations, fostering an environment of collaboration and excellence. Astrion will not only build upon its legacies but will also extend its focus to support, innovate and lead in our critical national challenges.

Our mission is clear, to be the difference for our customers and communities in the collective service to our nation. With unwavering optimism and a clear sense of purpose, we are dedicated to making a difference, partnering for progress in all that we do.

Who we help

We support Defense, Government, Homeland, Intelligence, Science and Space.

Our Focus

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