About Us

Introducing Astrion, a Transformative Evolution of Oasis Systems and ERC

Who we are

We stand as a partner for progress, providing cutting-edge services that boost preparedness, optimize performance, and ensure success in the air, on the ground, and beyond.

Our team’s experience and passion come through in all that we do, from Cybersecurity to Digital Solutions, Mission Support, Systems Engineering, and Test and Evaluation, all to deliver Results with Impact.

With our size and capabilities, we are uniquely positioned to combine the sophistication and robust systems of a large company with the agility and adaptability of a small company, and are uniquely empowered to be the difference for our customers.

A Dedicated Team

Our leadership team fosters an environment that drives innovative solutions within a culture of empathy and care, all while embracing continuous learning, growth, and collaboration.

Our Team

Our Rich History

We proudly embrace the rich histories and traditions of our founding organizations while firmly focused on building the next chapter of our history.

Our Story

Constantly Evolving

Brightstar Capital Partners, announces that its portfolio company, ERC, has signed a definitive agreement to combine with Oasis Systems.


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