Quality Assurance Next-Gen

Quality Assurance Next-Gen

In order to ensure the highest quality and professional standards for all projects performed under the SeaPort Next-Gen program, we have tailored a Quality Assurance (QA) Program, compliant to ISO 9001/2000 in which each and every team member will participate. Clear and appropriate procedures have been developed, and all team members will be indoctrinated to ensure a complete understanding of their involvement and compliance with the QA Program.

We consider the QA Program to be a vital key in the overall success of the operation of SeaPort Next-Gen, and our management fully supports this program and expects strict adherence to its requirements by all Oasis  personnel and team members. Our QA Plan states that the key to a successful quality management system involves comprehensive program planning, awareness and adherence to established plans and procedures, and continuous quality improvement.

Quality Assurance Team: Lead by the company QA Manager, this team is charged with quality oversight of all program activities and deliverables, including the identification, remediation, and eradication of deficiencies that impede the quality of service delivery. The QA Team will operate independent of the Technical Project Team but will be woven into every facet of the Technical Project Team. The QA Team will be responsible for the review and formal delivery of all task order documents and other deliverables. The QA Team will review each deliverable for accurate technical content and consistency with standards. Formal deliverables will be submitted through the QA Manager in coordination with the Program Manager.

When problems are encountered with work packages, the QA Manager will notify the Technical Project Manager and the appropriate project team analysts. The QA Manager will also capture metrics on the quality of work packages, such as accuracy and consistency in support of reporting Performance Measures. The information will be reported to the Program Manager for incorporation into status reports and also captured within the trend analysis process. The QA Team will utilize these metrics as part of a continuous process improvement program to provide ongoing analysis to reduce error rates and incorporate efficiencies into the process.

Quality Control and Surveillance: Our Quality Control and Surveillance Process, consists of a set of proven quality management practices, applied throughout a project’s life cycle which is the key to any successful program. The overall approach is built around providing the best overall value to customers by implementing clearly defined management practices that are the direct result of these experiences and principles. We are accustomed to customer-oriented policies and strives to exceed the customers’ expectations through excellence in service, value, commitment, and continuous improvement.

A key aspect of our Quality Control Process is our Quality Management team. Each individual has a role in identifying, reporting, analyzing, planning, tracking and controlling project efforts. Ensuring quality services and products are provided is a task assigned to every member of the project staff. Identification of defects needs to be completed at the lowest level possible in order to optimize productivity, hence the use of Quality Reviews. These reviews are the best mechanisms for early defect detection and removal, keeping everyone involved and encouraging teamwork. Our team will incorporate federal quality control requirements and industry standards to formulate a strategic quality planning and control process that will serve as the baseline for work inspection and process audits to be performed.

Oasis senior management, program management and quality team personnel are routinely in contact with Government COR/COTR and government project teams to receive assessments on quality of support and customer satisfaction. Oasis’ internal QA processes are designed to assure Total Quality Assurance. We do not isolate the QA function, but rather views it as an across-the-board function that involves the entire corporation. Functionally, our processes involve the Chairman and CEO, Vice Presidents, Financial Management, Contract Management, Administration and Program/Project Mangers and Project staff. In support of the Quality Management Process, each project lead will prepare a tailored quality assurance plan detailing how the project will be implemented on each task/program. As a minimum, for those processes affecting quality, each plan will identify how the following activities will be accomplished for each project:

  • Quality Management
  • Management Responsibility – quality policy and objectives, quality responsibilities, management review and communications
  • Resource Management – resource provision, competence/training, infrastructure and work environment
  • Product Realization – planning (processes, equipment, verifications), product requirements, design/development, customer communication, purchasing, process control, product ID/traceability, customer property, and monitory and measuring devices.
  • Measurement, Analysis and Improvement – customer satisfaction, internal audits, process and product measurements, control of nonconforming products, analysis of data, continual improvement, corrective and preventive action.