FAA PSS Program Support Services

FAA PSS Program Support Services

In December, 2023, Astrion was announced as a Transformative Evolution of Oasis Systems and ERC. ERC and Oasis merged in May of 2022 through previously announced acquisition of Oasis Systems. The legal contracting party that holds this contract, remains unchanged as a result of the transaction.


FAA – PSS (Program Support Services)

Contract #:                    693KA921D00004

Award Date:                  12/08/2020

Expiration Date:           12/08/2027

Contract Amount:       $1.039B (shared ceiling)


Karen McMillan
Vice President Operations, Program Manager
Phone: 561.573.4861

Samuel Swearingen
Vice President Business Development, Civilian
1000 Maine Ave SW
Washington, DC 20024
Phone: 703.473.2850



PSS is a follow-on to EnRoute Technical Assistance Support Services (ETASS), which Oasis is also a Prime, and will support operations in the Program Management Organization (PMO) of the Federal Aviation Administration’s Air Traffic Organization (ATO).

The professional and technical support services acquired under this contract will assist in achieving agency strategic goals by providing mission critical support to the following PMO Directorates:

  • Program Control and Integration (AJM-1)
  • Air Traffic Systems Directorate (AJM-2)
  • Enterprise Services Directorate (AJM-3)
  • Surveillance Services Directorate (AJM-4)

The PSS vehicle will also support other directorates by providing knowledgeable resources to support the ATO objectives of safe, secure, efficient, responsive air transportation system to the nation and global aviation community.

PSS will replace an expiring ETASS contract that provides support services through distinct functional areas. The core functional service areas required under the PSS scope of work include the following:

Functional Areas of Support

  • Systems Engineering Support
  • Software Engineering Support
  • Hardware Engineering Support
  • Human Factors Engineering Support
  • Information Systems Security Support
  • Safety Management Support
  • Strategic Planning Support
  • Program Management Support
  • Configuration Management Support
  • Business, Financial, and Acquisition Management Support
  • Administrative Management Support
  • Training Assistance Support
  • Testing Support Logistics Support
  • Implementation Support Facilities Support
  • Operational Support Performance Data Management/Performance Analysis
  • Meteorological Support Communications Support

These functional areas may be grouped to support a range of technical, operational, management and administration task found in PMO’s portfolio of programs.